The knits have landed!

I’ve been stalled a bit because of a silly mistake on Simplicity 1426 that I only noticed after basically finishing the garment.  For now, I’m going to declare it a UFO (UnFinished Object) and move on to softer pastures.

Namely: knits.  I think I’ve got the T-shirt bug now that the sun is regularly making an appearance on the scene here in Buffalo.

I just wanted to show off the newest, softest members of my fabric stash.

The first is a nice neutral, a heather grey tissue knit.


Next up, a surprisingly versatile heather lilac knit. 


(One of my favorite shirts ever is a bit darker than this color, and I swear, it goes with everything.  It’s a non-neutral neutral.)

Lastly–because who doesn’t loooove a good corduroy in the summer?–I got this gorgeous corduroy to make into some sort of short skirt.


Well, that’s that.  I’m off to research T-shirt patterns.  Do you have any favorites?


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